The project

Badalona Integrated Early Warning System for multi-hazard and risk management to ensure urban climate change adaptation

Towards climate change adaptation in urban areas

LIFE BAETULO is a pilot project where a novel technology, an Integrated (and multi-hazard) Early Warning System, is applied for the first time in a city, in this case in Badalona (Spain), with the objective of reducing the exposure and vulnerability of citizens and other urban assets to climate-related hazards by providing anticipated information and alarms that allows taking preventive actions (including operational actions) to minimize direct and indirect impacts and damages derived from climate change.

LIFE BAETULO will contribute to increase climate change adaptation of urban areas by providing an innovative tool (an Integrated and multi-risk Early Warning System), applicable and usable by any city or region facing climate hazards and aiming to:

  • Anticipate the adverse effects of climate change, including forecasting and warning of all the climate hazards affecting urban areas.
  • Minimize the exposure and vulnerability of inhabitants, urban assets and the surrounding environment to the impacts of climate change.
  • Take appropriate response actions to prevent or minimise the damage that climate derived hazards can cause.
  • Raise general awareness and capacity building for citizens, administrations, politicians and businesses in the framework of climate change.

FUNDING: LIFE program on Climate Action
BUDGET: 1.237.554€
DURATION: 2,5 years (July 2020-December 2022)
COORDINATOR: Aquatec (Suez Spain)
CONSORTIUM: Aquatec, Ajuntament de Badalona, Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona and Aigües de Barcelona

LIFE BAETULO in numbers





30 months


Timeline of the Baetulo project

Conception of the IEWS and pilot configuration

Structure and components of the Integrated Early Warning System (data sources, risk levels and alerts’ thresholds, vulnerable areas and elements, emergency protocols and communication channels).

July 2020-March 2021

Implementation of the
IEWS in Badalona

Configuration of the blocks for data gathering, risk assessment, preparedness and response and communication and dissemination.

April 2021-June 2021

Testing and validation
of the IEWS

18-month period to test and validate the operation, performance and results of the IEWS in the Badalona’s environment and to adjust those technical issues necessary for the correct operation and reliable results of the tool. It also includes the launch of the citizens’ app.

July 2021-December 2022

Replication, transfer
and business plan

Development of a plan to ensure replication and transfer of LIFE BAETULO results to other cities, regions and contexts; technical guidelines and requirements to guarantee proper replication and use of results and development of a business plan to ensure exploitation of results as a marketable product and solution to be offered to city managers and climate risks owners.

April 2022-December 2022

Monitoring the impacts
of the project actions

Monitoring the project costs and the environmental, social and economic benefits derived from its implementation, through the quantification of the key project-level indicators.

July 2020- December 2022

Communication and

Development of communication and dissemination activities and materials in order to inform about LIFE BAETULO progress and outcomes, raise awareness among the among the general public, local authorities and other regional bodies about the importance and benefits of climate change adaptation and to promote and encourage the widest possible application of project methodologies and outcomes beyond its lifetime.

July 2020- December 2022