April 7, 2022

The Project LIFE BAETULO presented at the 2022 The Nature of Cities Festival

The Nature of Cities Festival (TNOC) is an annual experiment in multidisciplinary collaboration designed to go beyond borders to radically imagine our cities of the future. The Nature of Cities’ mission is to curate debates and dialogues about urbanism through transdisciplinary collaboration and exchanges of experience and knowledge.

A virtual festival that spans 3 full days with programming across all regional time zones and is available in multiple languages. A core philosophy of the festival is to foster inclusivity and lower barriers to participation. The festival focuses on facilitating transdisciplinary dialogue, small group workshops, arts engagement, and fostering a collaborative spirit around solutions for how to build cities that are better for nature and all people. Moreover, TNOC Festival’s main philosophy is to promote inclusiveness and lower barriers to participation by striving for worldwide cities that are livable, resilient, sustainable, and just. It focuses on the creation of trans-disciplinary, publicly available, and widely disseminated programs mixing the arts, science, urban practice fields, and performance, in order to bring urban thought leaders and changemakers together to build better cities. The Festival, which was developed by the Nature of Cities Organization in collaboration with a wide variety of global stakeholders, took place on 29-31th March 2022 and 45 participants attended the LIFE BAETULO project presentation.

Further info: https://www.thenatureofcities.com/ and https://tnoc-festival.com/wp/

For any questions please email: TNOCFestival@thenatureofcities.com


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