November 3, 2021

Survey to the population of Badalona

One of the most relevant outputs aimed at citizens (public at risk) that will result from LIFE BAETULO project will be the creation of a mobile App citizens. The APP will release the active alerts affecting the city and will advise its inhabitants with self-protection measures and good practices to be applied before, during and after extreme weather events in order to reduce the risks and impacts on public health and properties.

In order to accurately design the citizens App a survey to Badalona citizens (to a total of 200 citizens) was performed in June 2021.

An interesting result emerging from this survey was that around 82% of Badalona’s citizens are concerned about the effects of climate change. The climate hazards that are of most concern are the episodes of air pollution, forest fires and heat waves. On the other hand, the less common hazards occurring in Badalona, such as cold waves or snowfalls, represent a percentage of 51.5% and 34.5% respectively of totally or quite concerned.

Specifically, about the app, it can be concluded that the possibility of downloading it is high, since 81% of the respondents are framed within very probable or quite probable that they will download it. Only 12.5% consider it unlikely.

The main reason to download the App would be to be informed when it was available. On the other hand, 15% state that they are sure they will download it. Other aspects influencing the potential of discharge are:

  • Its specific content
  • Free availability
  • Easy to use
  • Low memory space required and without ads

As for how to receive the information from the app it differs depending on the age. Radio and TV are the media preferred for the oldest age groups in the municipality; the City Council’s website and Apps are the favourite routes for those of middle age. Finally, the youngest have a very clear preference for social networks.

Moreover, the additional features of the app such as recommendations to reduce risks, the possibility of customizing alerts and being multi-language also generate a lot of interest.

Finally, some of the comments from the respondents highlight the need for the App to be understandable and easy to use for all groups, especially for older groups that may have problems understanding computers or for people with hearing or visual disabilities.

They also highlight the importance of including graphic elements such as maps to facilitate the compression of the information given by the App.

All the conclusions, requirements and recommendations arisen from the survey will be taken into account during the design phase of the LIFE BAETULO citizen’s App that will be started during the following weeks. The objective is to have the App ready around June 2022.


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