Tangible and measurable social, economic and environmental benefits

From the idea to the final product

During the lifetime of the BAETULO project, a broad range of significant and quantified achievements will be delivered in search of the most effective and efficient way to reach the main goal: to decrease the exposure and vulnerability of citizens and urban assets to climate derived hazards and consequently reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts that such extreme events can cause on urban areas

Main outputs and achievements

LIFE BAETULO will contribute to increase climate change adaptation of urban areas by providing an innovative tool (an Integrated Early Warning System), applicable and usable by any city or region facing climate hazards and aiming at:

Minimize the exposure and vulnerability

of inhabitants, urban assets and the surrounding environment to the impacts of climate change

Take appropriate response actions

to prevent or minimise the damage that climate derived hazards can cause

Raise general awareness and capacity building for citizens,

administrations, politicians and businesses in the framework of climate change

Anticipate the adverse effects of climate change

Including forecasting and warning of all the climate hazards affecting urban areas