BAETULO, a shared challenge among:


Aquatec is part of one of the biggest European industrial groups (SUEZ), and a water and environmental technology company providing services including consulting, design services, integral project management, installation and implementation of advanced solutions for optimisation of integral water cycle processes and conservation of the environment.

Role in the project: Aquatec is the coordinator of LIFE BAETULO project, the technical developer of the Integrated Early Warning System and the responsible of its implementation and exploitation.

Ajuntament de Badalona

The Badalona City Council is the local authority of the fourth most populated city in Catalonia dedicated to build a common future and ambitious city that extends quality of life and citizen welfare. The organizational scheme of the City Council is divided into three levels: politician, manager and technician. It is a model based on the adequacy of the municipal services to the needs and real demands of the citizens as the strategic objective of the organization.

Role in the project: responsible for the demonstration site, support to the implementation of the integrated early warning system in Badalona and post-project operation.

AMB Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona is the local authority that regulates the water cycle services in the conurbation of Barcelona. From the water supply services done through 9 different utilities to the wastewater service which manages more than 250 km of wastewater sewers and 7 wastewater treatment plants.

Role in the project: support the implementation in Badalona and it is also responsible of the replication of the IEWS to other metropolitan cities.

Aigües de Barcelona

Aigües de Barcelona, Empresa Metropolitana de Gestión del Ciclo Integral del Agua, SA, manages the integral water cycle, from collection to purification, transport and distribution, in addition to the sanitation and purification of wastewater for its return to the environment or to reuse. In this way, it offers service to about 3 million people in the municipalities of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Role in the project: Aigües de Barcelona gives support to the EWS design and the sensors installation roll-out and also contributes to communication.

Project Stakeholders