July 12, 2021

LIFE BAETULO project completes its first year of development

Last July 1st marked the first year of the LIFE BAETULO project which, as we know, aims to provide a climate risk management tool as a measure for adapting to climate change, an integrated and multi-risk early warning system, available and ready to be implemented in any European city that suffers from hazards caused by climate change and wishes to adapt to them. This system will be implemented in Badalona, in a pioneering way.

Currently, the integrated early warning system (IEWS) has already completed the first phases of conceptualisation, where its general structure and the structure of each one of its component modules have been defined, together with their main challenges. Over the last few months, the multidisciplinary team of LIFE BAETULO project has also been working on compiling and validating the existing emergency protocols in Badalona in relation to: heat and cold waves, forest fires, snowfalls, atmospheric pollution episodes and windstorms. For the risks of urban pluvial flooding, combined sewer overflows and storm surges, the emergency protocol has been developed from scratch, based on the collaboration of all the project’s partners and the results of the predecessor project H2020 BINGO. Each of these protocols consists of the following sections: risk assessment, alert levels and activation criteria, operational procedures (preventive, reactive, emergency and recovery actions) and communication channels and means to inform the population and vulnerable elements. The next stage regarding the emergency protocols, which will begin in the coming weeks, will be their incorporation into the IEWS platform so that the system will automatically display them whenever a new climate hazard is activated.

In relation to communication, to date 15 news related to the project have been published, both through internal communication networks (of the project partners themselves) and through external networks or media. Furthermore, in April a presentation of the project took place at the 3rd virtual ADAPTtoCLIMATE Conference.

The LIFE BAETULO project is reaching more and more people, both through networking actions with other projects and interactions through the Linkedin network, where you can follow us to be updated on the progress of the project.


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