November 23, 2021

LIFE BAETULO presented at the Marketplace INNOclima

LIFE BAETULO project was presented on November 4th at the Marketplace INNOclima organized by ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness from the Catalan Government.

This marketplace presented the main innovation challenges posed by climate change by renowned national and international experts in: Digital technologies (AI, blockchain, modeling) for the prevention and management of risks associated with climate change; Carbon capture and utilization; Air quality and capture of air pollutants; clean energy (buildings, infrastructure, industry and transport); new solutions (batteries, storage, heating and cooling systems and green hydrogen); biodiversity and restoration of natural ecosystems for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The event was complemented by different networking sessions facilitating virtual meetings between speakers and attendees.

The event was part of the activities of the Enterprise Europe Network project, where ACCIÓ participates, bringing together more than 600 business support organizations in 66 countries.


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